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Yoghurt is a popular product throughout the world. Trending over the last few year is the increased protein level in the yoghurts. This additional protein contribute to improved nutritional and sensorical properties.

High proteins in a yoghurt benefit the product by :

  • Fat replacement
  • Muscle recovery
  • More thicker yoghurt
  • Improved mouth feel

Worldwide yoghurt is made in different types, like set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt, and strained yoghurt. These all have different types of starters, fermentation temperatures and sheer forces. These all will contribute to different characteristics of the yoghurt, like flavours, thickness and syneresis. As you have so many different factors which influence the yoghurt, every producer has his own specific product. For this reason adding a standard dairy protein would be insufficient.

We as Havero Hoogwegt have years of experience in developing the right combination of milk proteins for your yoghurt application. Some of the main customer questions are syneresis reduction, thickening of the yoghurt, fat reduction or cost price reduction. Our application managers can assist in technological developments. Together with our customers, application tests in our application laboratory are possible to achieve these goals.

By understanding your production process and your specific goals, we can offer a dairy proteins which fit your requirement.

Packaging possibilities
For this product we have several product packing possibilities like 15, 20 or 25 kg packaging, big bags or bulk deliveries.

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Do you have any questions about functional proteins? Then do not hesitate to contact Havero Hoogwegt by calling +31 26 322 8520 or by sending your email to mail@havero.nl. Our team gladly informs you about our products!

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