Calcium & sodium caseinate

Calcium caseinate: manufactured from fresh milk by acid precipitation of the casein with calcium salts.
Very good nutritional value and suitable for applications where protein and calcium fortification are desired. Nutritional product supplements as in sports nutrition, slimming foods, cheese industry and bakery. Good emulsification, water absorption, stabilization as well as enhanced taste and texture. Blend neutral taste.

Sodium caseinate: manufactured from fresh milk.
A highly purified protein with good nutritional values and amino acid profile, sodium caseinate has excellent functional properties and can be used  as emulsifier, thickener and protein enricher. It is a fat and water binding protein, used in various food applications in dairy and meat processing industry. Applications in coffee/tea whiteners, whipped toppings, soups and sauces. Sodium caseinate could be obtained by cooking extrusion, roller- and spray dried. It has a nice neutral flavor and is 100% soluble in water.

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